The Greater Los Angeles Dickens Fellowship now SoCalDF


GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Dickens Fellowship) and GRAD (Greater Riverside Dickens Fellowship) are joining forces and merging into one combined Affiliate to be named SoCalDF (Southern California Dickens Fellowship).  

Honorary Chairman:  Tim Clark

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Timothy Clark is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

opic: Southern California Dickens Fellowship

Time: Nov 4, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 850 006 1786

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Upcoming Zoom Meetings: 

We WILL meet at Yvonne’s Harbor City home for a potluck Holiday LIVE social gathering on Saturday, December 9th . Her home is in Harbor City, CA 90710. 

We will discuss specific details on November 4th . Here are our agreed upon tentative dates for reading and discussing Great Expectations: • January 13 • March 9 • May 11 • July 13 

Southern California Dickens Fellowship 

Time: Nov 4, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 850 006 1786

 Passcode: 741426 

Tom’s the chimes Talking Points Discussion Questions for our Meeting November 4: 

What passage in A Christmas Carol can be seen as a precursor to The Chimes?

 As protagonists in their stories, what do Scrooge and Toby have in common? 

Who do Alderman Cute and his two friends say is responsible for the plight of England's poor? 

Does the scene between Toby and Cute and his two friends remind you of anything in the Old Testament? 

After the above encounter, why does Toby keep repeating "Born bad!" What role do the London newspapers play in the story?

 Do you think the frontispiece of The Chimes accurately depicts the Bells as they appear in the story? 

What is the symbolism of the small goblins that first emerge from the Bells? 

What are the Bells accusing Toby of? 

Does he deserve these accusations?    What is the lesson that Toby learns from his dystopian nightmare?   After he wakes up, what completes his "conversion"? What is your opinion of the happy ending? 

Professor Malcolm Andrews 

of Kent University, Canterbury, England

October 28, 2023 9:00 AM PST 

Topic: Dickens and the 'Sweet View" of the Victorian Countryside 

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Meeting ID: 989 0518 7718

Passcode: 823448

We have the honor of Zoom hosting Professor Malcolm Andrews of Kent University, Canterbury, England. Malcolm is the pre-eminent and acknowledged leading UK Dickensian scholar or our time. He is devising a brand new, never before delivered presentation just for our audience. Malcolm offers us a preview:



   This talk explores how and why nineteenth-century writers and artists shaped the English countryside as a partly imaginary idyll, with its distinctive repertoire of idealized scenery: village green, peaceful country churchyard, lush hedgerows, and thatched cottages. Nature and culture seemingly lived in harmony in this countryside while the pressured pace of life for urbanized and industrialized Victorian England confused and disoriented its citizens. We shall look at the work of several artists and writers, and in the last part of the talk; and concentrate particularly on Dickens as both contributor to and critic of the English rural idyll.

    The talk draws on my book A Sweet View: The Making of an English Idyll (2021). The US distributors, University of Chicago Press, are offering a 30% discount on the price of a copy. If you are interested, you can order online at:


Click the ‘cloth’ option for a hardback copy, then ‘add to cart’; on next page enter the ‘promo Code’ UCPNEW and click ‘apply code’ ...

Tom Savignano, who did a tremendous job in leading our discussion of The Old Curiosity Shop on Sept. 9th,  has volunteered to also lead us in our look at The Chimes for our Saturday, November 4th Zoom meeting. Please calendar this also, as it is two (2) weeks from tomorrow.

GLAD has merged with GRAD and we are now the Southern California Dickens Fellowship.   Read the most recent issue of our new newsletter, SoCalDF Greetings which is now posted on the London Central Site under our new Branch name  to learn more about our new joint  group. We meet bimonthly and are now finishing up The Old Curiosity Shop for our next Zoom. 

Our Honorary Chairperson, Tim Clark has suggested  that we choose Great Expectations to begin reading in January of the coming year 2024 as it is the chosen novel for the Dickens Universe 2024 at UC Santa Cruz.  We will be discussing this and hope for input from our membership.

A Hearty Greetings to SoCalDF, fellow Dickensians! 


Facebook group: 

Regular meeting venue: Riverside Main Library / Zoom 

Chairman: Tim Clark,, 1-909-225-2834          Corresponding Secretary: Vikky Pickett,, 1-951-805-2621 

The Southern California Dickens (SoCalDF) Fellowship meets every other month to discuss a selected novel or a specific Dickensian theme. If a Guest Presentation opportunity avails, we will calendar in the between month.

For more information, please contact our 

Honorary Chairman:  Tim Clark

Enjoy our site and be sure to explore our links at the top of the page.  We welcome you.